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Save Time and Money with Our Commercial Bottle Pick-Up Service

Does your Calgary business or institution accumulate a lot of recyclable containers? Save time, money and help the environment by signing up for our free, commercial bottle pick-up service. At Beddington Heights Bottle Depot, we can pick up your aluminum and bi-metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles and milk jugs. Some of the commercial enterprises we do our bottle pick-up service for include:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels
  • Commercial and industrial offices
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Senior homes and residences
  • Hospitals and nursing homes

Bring Your Containers, We’ll Do the Rest

To participate in our commercial bottle pick-up service, it’s as easy as sorting your recyclables! To see our full list of items we recycle, have a look at our recycling page . To get started, or if you have any questions, please give us a call today!

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Container Refunds

Beer and wine bottles, Tetra Pak containers, poly cups, aluminum cans, gable top cartons and more!

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Community Involvement & Bottle Drives

We love to partner up with charities, schools, and community groups for bottle drive fundraisers!

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