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Find out What Calgarians Think of Our Award-Winning Bottle Depot

At Beddington Heights Bottle Service in Calgary, we care about our visitor’s experiences. We’re always happy to hear from you to find out what you liked, or didn’t like, regarding your trip to our depot. If you’re curious about what some of our customers think of our service, please browse through our testimonials page. If you have any questions about our services, or would like to provide a comment about our services, please send us an email or give us a call .

Kind People!

Today I had my car full from top to bottom with 89 cases of beer bottles to take to the depot. Karim met me at the front to ask if I needed any help. I of course said yes. When I opened the back of the car and he saw how many I had he asked me to go to the back door and he would load onto a skid. I was so happy he did as it would have taken me several trips to do with the front carts. Karim and another kind person did all the loading onto the skid. 👍Thank you so much Karim!


LCD Screens for Transparency and Accurate Counts

Very friendly for the most part. Love the fact you can wash and dry your hands properly after. They don’t rip you off when counting like most bottle depots do. The LCD screens are amazing so there’s no discrepancies. Haven’t gone to another depot since finding this one. Highly recommend them :)

Beverly W.

Clean, Honest, Fast and Efficient

It’s nice to find a bottle depot that is different, clean and honest. They are very fast, efficient and counts are accurate. I had several bags with me and was counting my containers as they were being tallied and the counts were bang on. It’s also nice to have LCD screens for you to view the counts as they are being tallied. There is a hand washing facility too and the premises are kept well cleaned. Management and staff are friendly, helpful and pleasant to deal with. As other reviewer mentioned, I agree it’s one of the best bottle depots with hard working people

Janet H.

Accurate and Honest

Excellent service. Clean facility and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They are very efficient, fast and well organized. Have had no issues with miscounts. They are honest and easy to deal with. Definitely recommend them.


Friendly Staff and Quick Service

Fairly straight forward, read the praises on the different reviews. Wasn’t sure if you’d be quick this afternoon, with my work schedule. Loaded up our vehicle, wife and I took the recycling there, wife handled the exchange. She was appreciative how friendly the staff were and how fast it was. I don’t think we were there 5-10 minutes, even with a lineup. Very efficient, effective. And this is coming from my observance in the parking lot waiting for the wife.

Well done.

Peter M.

Friendly Staff and Clean Facility

Excellent service, friendly staff and clean facility.

Sharon H.

Staff are Fast and Sort for You

Great service! I leave in the far north east and came to this depot recommended by my friend and am very happy to have found a different kind with good technology, the staff are friendly and easy to deal with. They are very fast, do the sorting and the counts are on dot as I had pre-counted my containers. There is also a hand washing station. I am very happy and it’s worth my trip.

Tracy M.

Short Line Ups and Quick Processing

Very fast with counts. LCD screens show you the count as they go. No sorting on your part required. Just walk in and dump your bottles on the counter and away they go. I’ve almost never encountered a line up more than 3 people here and given how quickly they process you the line has never been more than a few minutes long.

Shawn K.

Excellent Service and Accurate Counts

Excellent service. Fast and accurate counts. Clean facility with hand washing station. Good technology with LCD screens for customers to watch their counts. Have been going to this depot over the last year and have had no issues with miscounts. Definitely recommend this depot.

Jason P.

Wouldn’t Use Another Depot

Very good service, fast, wouldn’t use another one since I’ve been using this location.

Daryl T.

Fast Service

Seemed great. Definitely fast as there were a lot of people, Sunday morning. Didn’t keep a count but for what I had, the total seemed pretty reasonable.

Ben C.

Friendly and Efficient

Nice depot. Staff are friendly and efficient.

Robin B.

Handwashing Station, LCD Screens and Extremely Fast Service

Very happy, they are extremely fast & efficient and I really like having the hand washing station for when you’re done. Also it’s nice to see the totals on the screen right in front of you.

Christine D.


Good depot, always friendly.

Yen D.

Accurate Counts and Proficient Service

This place is equipped with a computer that shows you how many of what recycling you brought in. They are very accurate and proficient. The wait time isn’t very long and is cleaner compared to the one in Crowfoot. Quite impressed with this place!

J.J. Y.

Supporting the Community

Accurate, fast, friendly and clean. They have a hand washing facility too. These guys support community groups helping and facilitating their fundraising & bottle drive activities.


One of the Best!

One of the best bottle depots in the city.

Ryan L.

Honest Service

These guys are fast and accurate. I used to go to Crowfoot Bottle Depot but they rip you off. It was a pleasure to find a bottle depot in Calgary that is different!

Google user


Excellent customer service and trustworthy.

Nury K.

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Commercial Pick-Ups

We offer free container pick-ups for commercial clients like schools, hospitals, restaurants and bars!

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Community Involvement & Bottle Drives

We love to partner up with charities, schools, and community groups for bottle drive fundraisers!

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